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Cycleway to Impington taking shape

by Hazel Smith on 7 February, 2011

Hazel and Michael went to look at the progress with the new cycleway on Friday.

Hazel and Michael visiting the site of the new cycleway

Work has begun on building a cycle path from the landfill site entrance in Butt Lane, to Impington. Those with long memories will know this is a development that has provoked strong feelings in the village. The path is needed more than ever because large numbers of workers at Sunclose Farm walk or cycle the route regularly either to get to Impington, or to shop at Tesco in Milton, in addition to 6th formers and teachers who cycle it every day to get to school.

The school buses to Impington VC were provided for the village 20 years ago after an appeal that hinged on the fact that an adult could not safely walk along that road. More recently the County Council has removed school buses in other areas after the cycle links were improved, and in the current financial situation this is sure to figure in their plans again. However, concerned parents in the village have been assured that at 1.5 metres wide this cycle path is “sub-standard”, so we have some ammunition to fight with if they do propose to take away the school buses.

Another proposed cut from the Tory County Council is to take away the primary school crossing patrols where they operate on a zebra crossing (so not ours).

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