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Bus surveying

by Hazel Smith on 10 April, 2011

9 people waiting for the bus at 18:44

At bus stop at 18:44 - 9 waiting for the bus to Cambridge

Anna Bradnam and I sat at the Tesco bus stops between 5:30 and 11:30 on Friday evening, counting the people using buses into and out of Milton. There were a few amused people passing by who stopped for a chat. And we heard some interesting stories of people’s journeys to work that will be seriously disrupted by Stagecoach removing the Citi 2.

For most of these buses Milton was the ’end of the line’, though there was one Citi 2 heading for Waterbeach that entered Milton with 4 people on it. The initial results show that a huge 154 people were using buses that will not run after April 17th.

The average number of people on a Citi 2 bus coming into or out of Milton at that roundabout was 3.22.

Lots of people were using the Citi 2 to visit Tesco after work or on their way home, and some people had been visiting the Country Park.

We’ve discovered that quite a few people from Chesterton and further into Cambridge use the Citi 2 to do their weekly shop at Tesco. These are mostly older people who will now have to change buses to do that journey.

Young people working in the software industries often work late into the evening supporting users in America, and these people whether living in Milton or working there will find it harder to get to and from work when the last bus goes at 6pm (Southwards)or 6:40pm (Northwards from Cambridge).

We intend to present the results to Stagecoach and anyone else who will listen. If you could help monitor the bus usage one evening please contact Anna on 862364.

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