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Further bus cuts put on hold – but not here

by Hazel Smith on 25 June, 2011

I see that the County Council are now back-tracking on the programme of bus cuts that they’ve already started on. Here in Milton we’ve lost our buses in the evenings and on Sundays. Our every 10-minute service has been cut to every half hour in the day, and many of those buses are delayed if there are hold-ups on the A10, so they are not reliable.

I organised the petition to the County Council cabinet and explained to them how these cuts would hit the most vulnerable people hardest. Over 320 people signed my petition, and we then undertook a survey of people using the buses that showed just how much people were relying on the buses in the evenings and Sundays for their shopping, and getting to and from work. This is the sort of evidence the County should have looked at before making their decision, and one of our Milton residents is now taking the County Council to a judicial review of that decision.

Milton Parish Council organised a very well-attended public meeting where 150 residents protested at the cuts to bus services.

I’d now like to know if the County will give us some replacement bus service during the evenings and on Sundays, and improve the reliability at the crucial times of day for people trying to get to work.

I’m very pleased to see the Council is thinking again about these draconian bus cuts – please spare a thought too for those of us who’ve already lost part of our bus service.

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