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Cambridge Science Park station plans take shape

by Hazel Smith on 8 August, 2012

Hazel and Michael attended another meeting at Shire Hall about plans for the new station. They are considering what bus routes might stop there: the guided buses could continue straight along the old railway line (after crossing Milton Road), in an extended guideway. Also the Citi2 buses could turn there instead of at the Science Park, and go on to Green End Road via Nuffield Road after crossing the old railway line. Hazel asked that they leave space so that a road could be put in across to Chesterton Fen Road south of the station platforms, and this may be possible though no-one will fund it. There will be lifts up to the pedestrian bridge for passengers to get to platform 3, and we have asked that they be big enough to take bikes. They are still looking at the possibilities of routes for drainage and the drainage from the station area may be down the old award drain to the river. The idea of a cycle track beside the old railway line from Milton Road right across the river and to Newmarket Road was also put forward, and this makes sense if the station is to be fully accessible by bike and foot.

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