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Making the A10 Safer

by Barry Platt on 31 March, 2013


Map showing A10 junctions that need improvements

Map showing A10 junctions that need improvements

There is a long record of local campaigning to improve the safety of the A10, some of which have resulted in positive action such as the recent speed reduction on the A10 between Cambridge and Waterbeach airfield. This was the result of years of hard work by local people, particularly Michael Williamson who is standing down as your County Councillor in May.

Other improvements to A10 safety are still on the “to do” list, with several changes due to happen in the following months. Here are some of the headlines.

A10/A14 Roundabout

The major concern here is how the roundabout will cope with the extra traffic that widening of the A14 will bring, particularly if the new town north of Waterbeach being proposed by the Conservatives goes ahead.  The daily queues each morning at present show that the local road network is already over its capacity.

Butt Lane Traffic Lights

There have been some very close calls here where motorists heading towards Cambridge try to turn right out of Butt Lane onto the A10. Or having been forced to turn left, attempt a U-turn on the A10 itself.

Michael Williamson has had discussions with the Highways Department which has resulted in improved signs on Butt Lane.  It may be that a stronger reminder is needed so that drivers who do not use the route very often are reminded that they need to go through the Park and Ride site to get to Cambridge.

Landbeach Road, Milton

Michael, Maurice and Hazel at the Humphries Way / Landbeach Road junction of the A10

Michael, Maurice and Hazel at the Humphries Way / Landbeach Road junction

After several accidents here this junction has earned itself the “most dangerous junction” title.  This could be due to the way turning traffic has to cross in the middle of the road, and to perceived blind-spots for oncoming two-wheeled vehicles.

There will need to be changes when the new Landbeach-Milton cycleway is completed. The Highways Department are currently monitoring traffic movements around the junction to help them to come up with proposals.  It does look as if quite radical changes will be necessary.

“Slap Up” Junction (Bollywood Spice)

This junction suffers from the same problem as the junction at Landbeach Road, Milton, with turning traffic having to cross in the middle of the road.  This is the busiest crossing point for pedestrians on our section of the A10, but, with a wide carriageway and fast-moving traffic it is not always easy to get across.

When permission was given for the Waterbeach Rowing Lake, Michael Williamson was successful in securing a commitment that improvements would be made before the scheme could go ahead. This will include installing traffic lights at this junction.

Denny End Road

In 2004, Michael Wiliamson and Jane Coston, former Liberal Democrat County Councillor, persuaded the council to install traffic lights at this formerly very dangerous junction. These have been effective in making it easier to turn right onto or off the A10.  The pulses in traffic that result on the southbound carriageway also make it much easier to join or cross the road further south.

It would be good if the pavement could be extended from the A10 down Denny End Road to Convent Drive.  This would make it safer for pedestrians and also create a circular route for walkers and runners.

Landbeach North (Goose Hall Farm)

There is a worry that, if traffic lights at Landbeach Road make it much easier to join the A10, southbound traffic from beyond Chittering will be tempted to turn right here and drive through Landbeach to avoid some of the queue on the A10. The Conservatives’ proposed Waterbeach New Town will only increase this temptation.

The last thing Landbeach needs is more through traffic every morning!


The new road surface on the A10 here is very good – but what a contrast with the pot holes once you go into School Lane.  This really does need attending to with the number and size of the vehicles that use School Lane now.

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