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by Maurice Leeke on 23 April, 2013

Waterbeach Development

Judging by the comments of local people, it seems that the penny is beginning to drop about just how large the Conservatives’ proposed New Town will be. Many people have said that they thought it was just the airfield that was threatened. They hadn’t realised that the Conservatives are also proposing that all the farmland, up to and beyond Denny Abbey should be included. Nor had they realised that it stretches all the way across to the railway line.

Waterbeach will lose a great deal of green space near the village and one can only wonder how the A10 can cope with the extra cars from 12,000 houses, or the impact on the village of the extra traffic cutting through towards Fen Ditton.

Maurice Leeke is not opposed to development at Waterbeach. He says that it is right that the built-up part of the barracks, where the hangers, offices and soldiers’ quarters were, should be developed. Although quite large in itself (up to 930 houses) it will be a natural extension to the village, and support the local school, businesses and community activities.

A New Town as proposed by the Conservatives, however, would have its own shops, supermarket(s) and schools, and could threaten the survival of local businesses by drawing trade away from them.

Milton to Landbeach Cycleway

Maurice Leeke discussing the cycleway with Hazel Smith

Maurice Leeke discussing the cycleway

It is good to see that work has started on the Milton to Landbeach shared-use pedestrian and cycle way. This is a classic example of what a strong team working together can achieve for the community. Hazel Smith, Michael Williamson and Maurice Leeke pressed for this scheme, and the promised improvements to the A10 junction, to be included in the list of projects to get approval.

The need for something to be done at the Landbeach Road/A10 junction was one of the things to come out of the survey that Hazel, Maurice and the Liberal Democrat team carried out last autumn. Every house in Milton was called on – part of their commitment to working for the community all the year round.

Council Spending

As with most things to do with our councils, it is finding the money to do them that is the hard part – without breaking the bank. It can be easy to just put up the council tax; or to cut services willy-nilly. Amazingly the Conservatives are doing both! Most important is to avoid costly mistakes – like their Guided Bus construction project, or their ill-judged attempt to give themselves a 25% pay rise, or their proposal to use our council tax receipts to pay for the A14 to become a toll road.

The council, and local council tax payers, would benefit from Maurice’s years of experience of county council finance to help sort out the mess. To deliver better basic services, from buses to potholes – and seeking a fairer, and more sustainable means of funding adult social care; and a fair share of the cake for Cambridgeshire schoolchildren.

Bar chart showing that only the Lib Dems can challenge the Conservatives, and Labour have only 3 councillors.County Council Election

The election here is a clear choice between Maurice Leeke, and the Conservative candidate who voted for the 4.3% increase in council tax for South Cambs – one of the biggest increases in England.

Neither Labour nor the Green party do very well in elections here. The Labour candidate got just 5% of the votes the last time the seat was contested, while the Green party did not have a candidate.

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