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Planning Update on “Science Park” Station

by Hazel Smith on 21 December, 2013

Hazel Smith writes:

I attended the planning meeting at the Cambridge Guildhall on Wednesday to give my views and to represent Milton Parish Council on the application for the new ‘Science Park’ station at Cowley Road.

The main thrust of my argument was that the station will be a huge asset to this area, but it must not ignore the need to protect the amenity of those living close by.

The plans give no detail of the drainage proposals, and given that we have had flooding to businesses just the other side of the railway line only last year, these must be well thought through. The plans mention permeable paving to the car parks and a ‘green roof’ for the main station building, but other than that they talk of allowing the water to drain away into the ground through swales. There are huge areas of hard roofs and platforms in addition to the main station building – the access to the platforms is a 43m long bridge across the railway lines, and all the rainwater falling onto these areas must be dealt with properly.

The committee agreed that these issues are important and asked for 4 items to come back in front of the committee later on. These are the solutions that the developers come back with for drainage, noise disturbance, safety for cyclists and pedestrians on Cowley Road, and how much access to the station through Bramblefields Nature Reserve will be allowed.

There will be an Area Action Plan for the whole area of the sidings which is to be worked on over the next few years. Influential consultants have suggested that the area covered by this plan should include also the Chesterton Fen Road area beyond the railway, as far as the River Cam. We must ensure that we get improvements for this area too – another road into the area via a bridge over the railway was mentioned and I also again raised the question of a sewage connection for that area.

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